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Festival A’dam

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Bar Gems

Rare wines for all, limited availability, 60+ cuvées & bar bites

Maybe you’ve met Roemer and Stijn of @enoteca.naturista at one of their pop-up dinners. Or perhaps you’ve seen them at one of their pop-up wine bars. And maybe you haven’t heard of them at all.

 Anyway, you are in for a treat. On the 18th of November, Enoteca Naturista will strike down at the Natural Wine Festival A’dam to host the ‘Gems Bar,’ their idea of what a wine bar should be.

A vibrant atmosphere and cozy, local, and comforting snacks. But more importantly, there will be a finely curated and diverse wine list to choose from, composed of only rare wines by the winemakers present at the fair: Beautifully matured gems and some fresh young wines. All of these wines will have only very limited availability. So when they’re gone, they’re gone.

We will share these wines for one day only for the most democratic rates of Amsterdam. Why? For two reasons, actually:

1-We’d like everybody to be able to drink that rare, special, exciting stuff. See it as our contribution to fight inflation.

2-This is our first edition of many things. So we’re celebrating.

Maybe we’ll inflate prices next year to normal levels. But this year, we’re idealists.

So let them know what you feel like, and they will find you the perfect wine.

Sourdough bread from Urban Bakers from with olive oil or date butter
Terroir Cheese board
Three Dutch cheeses of your choice + sourdough bread and jam from Potverdorie

Choice of:
• Tûntsje Time, Doeties Geiten,
• Read Blierke, Doeties geiten,
• Fransje, Mathilde,
• Nonchalant, Buiten Verwachting
• Mita Mita, Buiten Verwachting

Selection of “De Herkomst” with pickles from Amsterdam and bread
Stracciatella from Buffalo Farm Twente
• Non Veg. option: With organic anchovies
• Vegatarian option: With pickled seasonal vegetables
Meatball á la Naturista
Italian meatball with minced meat from Lindenhoff in Marinara sauce with Parmesan and basil on bread