Guus Lourijsen
created the incredible Pointed Cabbage With Brown Butter Sauce exclusively for Green Is Golden, showcasing the power of grilled greens and plant-based barbecuing, and how well it pairs with the unique flavors of natural wine, Pampaneo.

Pointed Cabbage With Brown Butter Sauce

By Guus Lourijsen, Café Binnenvisser (Amsterdam)

Serves 4 people


The Cabbage
- 2 Small Pointed Cabbages or 1 Big Cabbage - 50g Toasted, Crushed Hazelnuts - 8 Leaves of Fresh Basil - Salt - Pepper - Olive oil
The Sauce
- 200g Butter - 200ml Zatte Beer (or a similar light and sweet beer ) - 1 tbsp Sweet Miso - Zest of Half a Lemon - Lemon Juice (to taste) - 100ml Kombu Vinegar from Vanilla Venture (can be replaced with sweet Japanese rice vinegar with a dash of soy sauce)


The Cabbage

1. Cut the cabbage in portion-sized pieces - a small cabbage in half lengthwise, a big one in quarters, also lengthwise. 2. Season the cabbage with salt, pepper and olive oil. 3. Wrap each portion individually in a double layer of foil. 4. Place on the BBQ. Turn every 5 minutes. It should take 3 turns to cook until tender (that’s 15 minutes, but you knew that). 5. Unwrap the cabbage portions and roast directly on the BBQ until they reach a crispy, golden brown texture.

The Sauce

1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. 2. Stir the butter once every 5 minutes until golden brown. 3. Add the miso and stir. 4. Pour the beer and reduce the volume by about a quarter. 5. Add the vinegar and mix well with a hand-blender. If the sauce doesn’t emulsify, add a tbsp of cold water. If the sauce doesn’t emulsify then, you’re on your own. 6. Add salt and lemon to taste.

To serve

Lay the cabbage “sunny side” up. Drizzle the sauce over the cabbage and sprinkle hazelnuts on top. Garnish with some basil leaves.