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Please take a moment to read this mail well, it’s important


SUBJECT: Wines @ NWFA – Important
Email send: 20 Oct 2023


On the 18th of November there will be various ways to present and sell your wines. With over 300 wines and a small, but dedicated team on our side, we need you to share all wine details before Wednesday 25th of October end of day.

In this email you’ll find an explanation of the different wine areas and an Excel sheet to propose wines. If you run into problems/questions while filling out the Excel sheet, please contact Naduah Bronsveld (+31628986688), she will help you to fill it in the correct way.

During the festival there are 4 ways to present your wines:

  1. Tasting fair: your winemaker will present a selection of their wines at their assigned table in the tasting room. We will present two winemakers per table. A maximum of 5 different wines per winemaker can be showcased (be picky and select the best ones). We recommend bringing 3 to 6 sample bottles per wine for the tasting.
  2. Wine store: we offer visitors the opportunity to buy the wines that they have tasted. At the XL wine store, some of the winemakers’ wines can be showcased and sold. Maximum 5 wines per winemaker, 1 box (6 bottles) per wine. Or: less wines displayed but more bottles in the same proportion with a maximum of 30 bottles total (e.g. 3 wines, 2×12 bottles and 1×6 bottles of each).
  3. Bars: there are 2 bars that feature wines:
    1. Gems Bar (by Enoteca Naturista): the goal of Gems Bar is to curate 1 special/unique wine per winemaker with a limited number of bottles available for that cuvee. In order to help us to curate a wine list, let us know if you have gems to offer. Maybe from your own stock or by asking the winemaker to dive into their personal cellar. This can be a rare cuvee, old vintage or small batch release. As we want to make it affordable to drink high-quality wine, we will work with a fixed corkage fee of 10 euros added to the retail price. Final selection will be done by us and each selected wine will be stocked with a maximum of 3 bottles.
    2. Bar Brut: they will showcase sparkling wines only. If your winemaker makes sparkling wines, their wine may be sold by the glass/bottle here. Feel free to propose two wines per winemaker. Final selection will be done by us based on the suggested wines.
  4. Restaurant: at Camping Culinair we will offer wine and food pairings. Wine sales will be by the bottle and glass. There will be a menu with 5 food options and an oyster bar. We are looking for 6 wines, 1 to pair with each dish, with a min. available quantity of 30 bottles. If your winemaker has a wine that you think is the perfect fit for a dish, you can propose it. It does not have to be a wine that is already showcased at the fair, but it does need to be from a winemaker present. Before the final selection of the wines, we will taste the shortlisted wines together with the dishes to select the winning pairings.

How to provide info of your wines and have your wines considered for the shop, bars and restaurant?

  • Send back the overview of wines you are using in the provided Excel with all cells completely filled out. If you run into problems/questions while filling out the excel sheet, please contact Naduah Bronsveld (+31628986688), she will help you to fill it in the correct way.
  • Want to include a wine in the shop? Fill out the fields next to the Tasting Room table starting at column J.
  • Want to propose a wine for the bars or pairings in the restaurant? As these are different wines from the tasting, you can add the new wines in the specific tables in the excel sheet.
  • IMPORTANT: due to the number of wines and admin involved, info provided in a different format or incomplete wine info means we cannot include wines at the store, bars or restaurant.

Important conditions/requirements:

  • All wines used in the store, restaurant and bars are on consignment basis only.
  • Wines sold at the store, bars and restaurant can be invoiced at wholesale prices to Green is Golden afterwards.
  • All wines need to be delivered on Friday 17-11 between 09:00 – 18:00
  • Delivery location:
  • At the back entrance of Denim City: Bellamyplein 53 1053 AT Amsterdam
  • There’s a door on the right side with signage stating: ‘’Denim City/House of Denim’’.
  • Each cuvee has to be delivered in its own box (so not mixed, unless agreed otherwise).
  • All boxes need to be clearly labeled with: importer name, full wine name, destination (samples for tasting, Gems Bar, Bar Brut, restaurant or store).
  • All return wines need to be picked-up on Monday 20-11 between 09:00 – 18:00.
  • For the tasting coupons for retail visitors: coupons are 1,50 EUR incl VAT for visitors to buy and will be sold in pairs of 5 coupons at a designated stand. For wines with a retail value below 30 euros you’ll charge 1 coupon to taste (30ml glass) and above 30 euros retail value you can charge 2 coupons. 50% of the value of the coupons handed in at your winemaker can be invoiced to us after the event. Professionals taste for free and can be recognised by their bracelets.

Please reply to this email with the filled out Excel doc before Wednesday 25th of October end of day.

If you have any questions, let us know!


Dennis / +31615447993
Naduah / +31628986688