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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Beginner, Enthusiast, (Semi) Professional

3 Tasting Glasses = 5 Coupons

Time : 11.15-12.00 Place : Hallen Studio’s, Room 1

Jean-Pierre Fleury was the first farmer in the Champagne to go -as early as 1989- fully biodynamic. His son Jean-Sébastien continues this way of working today.
Their champagnes are very energetic, mostly in dry styles, from sizzlingly fruity to rich and complex. This is a dream of a champagne house: these wines rank amongst the best champagnes in the world. Impeccable quality for the lover of Great Champagnes.

Jean-Sébastien Fleury himself will conduct a workshop around their champagnes, and we can assure you that this is going to be exciting. In the domain of Champagne Fleury you will find a “time vault” that serves as a wine library for visitors, It features unique architecture and symbolism, including the Fibonacci sequence, the zodiac, and precious stones, resonating with life’s forces and harmony in the cellar. To witness this you will have to visit Courteron, France (always the best option). But this workshop is second best for sure.

So how do they do it? What is the story? On Saturday 18th you have the opportunity to find out and taste at the same time some out-of-this-world champagnes.

We’re starting early: 11.15!