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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Enthusiast, (Semi) Professional

3 Tasting Glasses = 3 Coupons

Time : 13.15-14.00 Place : Hallen Studio’s, Room 2


The Triebaumer family has been spearheading the natural viticulture movement in Austria for decades. At its core, their philosophy is “with nature, not against it”; a symbiotic, nurturing relationship with nature based on respect, circularity, and foresight surrounding the increasingly precarious climate conditions of Lake Neusiedl, Austria.

In this workshop, you will learn about Holistic Viticulture and how polycultures, grazing sheep, and bird highways contribute to a balanced and healthy ecosystem that lays the groundwork for their legendarily characteristic wines.

A deep dive into regenerative agriculture, winemaking, and culture, is illustrated with three exciting wines to taste.