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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Beginner, Enthusiast & (Semi) Professional

2 Tasting Glasses = 2 Coupons

Time : 15.15-16.00 Place : Hallen Studio’s, Room 2

Anna and Christian Krack have been running @krack_sekthaus in Deidesheim since 2015. This is not the Sekt that you used to know from the past. Krack has been garnering national and international praise for their sparkling wines. In 2021, they won the prestigious Meiningers Deutscher Sektpreis and in blind tastings their wines are on a regular basis experienced as high-level Champagnes. This is high-quality, méthode traditionelle Sekt.

Little to no dosage (sugar) or sulfites are added, and it’s all about emphasizing terroir. The results? Delicate, pure, low-alcohol sparkling wines with subtle yeast and vibrant fruit flavor. 

Christian Krack takes you in this workshop “The Magic Transformation” on a journey through the process of premium Sekt making and you will find how the magic process of transforming a non-sparkling wine into a sophisticated sparkling wine works. 

Christian brings with him a quantity of Grundwein and a quantity of Rohsekt to taste: the two stages before the wine can be called Sekt. Additionally, you will taste two Sekts by Krack. 

This is a deep dive into the development of taste by a master winemaker.