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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Beginner, Enthusiast & Professional

2 Tasting Glasses = 2 Coupons

Time : 11.15-12.00 Place : Denim City, Classroom

Casper Vuurmans is a long-time sommelier. You may know him from Vuurtoren Eiland, Wilde Zwijnen, Vrouw met de Baard, etc. He is also a certified philosopher and combines wine with philosophy at the philosophical dinners he organizes.

At NWFA Casper will host a workshop on experiencing wine through language in collaboration with Lonneke van Heugten, a poet-performer, dramaturgist, and cultural scholar. 

Wine activates our creative side. Wine tasting appeals to the imagination; the sensory experience of a sip of wine can evoke memories and images. Putting what you experience into words appeals strongly to your creativity – the ability to put smell and taste into context.

The Poetic Tasting puts your imagination to work. With a small group, you taste wine, and while doing so, you first put your feelings into words (smell, color, taste, texture) and then into images. While you collectively have a short conversation about the meaning of the words chosen, they are processed live into a unique poem, which is recited and displayed.

You will leave this workshop inspired, but also with more freedom and confidence to express your own experience of a wine. This brings more joyful conversations with friends and/or strangers about wine. And isn’t this what wine is all about? It is a conversation. This workshop is the opposite of a ‘technical tasting’ workshop. It will make wine drinking simply more fun.