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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Beginner, Enthusiast, (Semi) Professional

2 Tasting Glasses = 2 Coupons

Time : 13.15-14.00 Place : Denim City, Classroom

The term ‘regenerative’ is everywhere. It seems like a hype. But in reality regenerative farming is top sports. The farmer carefully observes and learns from the context in which he/she works.
In this workshop, hosted by the platform We Are the ReGeneration, we discover the secrets of two of the regenerative pioneers of We Are The ReGeneration: Wilderland and Burgerboerderij de Patrijs.
The main focuses are collaborating with nature and as little intervention as possible.

Farmer Johannes Regelink of Burgerboerderij de Patrijs takes us on his adventure to make his farm flourish while teaming up with local citizens. In addition, Renee Pruim will talk about their own unique collaboration at Wilderland, where farmers are rewarded for enhancing biodiversity on their land.

You will learn about a new vision of our shared food system, and how everyone can play a role in it. This workshop includes cheese by de Patrijs and 1 wine tasting glass.