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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Beginner

3 Tasting Glasses = 3 Coupons

Time : 16.15-17.00, Place : Hallen Studio’s, Room 2

You love wine, but consider yourself a newbie when wine tasting. You’re not the only one. Rest assured: We all can taste, it’s about how to organize the information of tasting. With a bit of background info, wine tasting is not complex. And the most important thing is to learn to recognize what YOU like. 

Naduah Bronsveld is a Dutch top sommelier. Born from both parents in the hospitality industry, her future seemed written. She worked as a sommelier in restaurants like La Stage, Kaagman and Kortekaas and Flore. 

Naduah’s perspective on wine tasting is simple. Fun is the guiding principle. She’s a fan of natural wines and will lead you deeper into the skill of wine tasting. For this 101 Wine Tasting workshop, she has selected 3 white wines to taste together.