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Workshops & experiences Natual Wine Festival Amserdam

Level: Beginner & Enthusiast 

3 Tasting Glasses = 3 Coupons

Time : 13.15-14.00 Place : Hallen Studio’s, Room 1

Sommelier Sjoerd Kist is Holland’s first TikTok wine influencer. His passion for wine was ignited during a two-week journey through Bordeaux. The beauty of the vineyards, the cellars filled with aging barrels, and the exceptional wines he tasted there sparked a fire in him. This led Sjoerd to explore wineries across the world: California, South Africa, Italy, France, Slovenia, and many more to come. While working in a wine-focused restaurant (FOU in Rotterdam), Sjoerd started making videos on social media, particularly TikTok, where he tries to simplify the complexities of the wine world, making it approachable and fun for the younger wine drinkers. 

During this workshop “Wine Tasting 101”, Sjoerd will take you on a journey through the art of wine tasting, with special emphasis on making it accessible for those who are new to this delightful world. 

You will taste three exciting wines that Sjoerd himself hasn’t tried yet himself, while he explains how to taste and what to look for. While Sjoerd teaches some aspects of ‘technical tasting’, he will first and foremost guide you to identify your own taste so you can develop a deeper understanding of what you like in wines.